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Thursday20 July 2017

The High Ready Position

The High Ready Position

This technique, which I call the high ready position (named by Barnhart I believe), is one of the most effective techniques to improve your consistency in making that first shot as you present the gun to the target.

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The whole point, is to obtain a visual reference with the gun, before it is extended onto the target. You want to pick up a reference point much earlier, when the gun is still close to your chin. With a limited gun, that reference should be the front post. With an open gun - the top of the scope or the tip of the comp. Using this technique, you can align the gun with the target as you extend out, to make sure you present the gun effectively to the target.
  • This is extremely important, as we present the gun to the target many times during a stage: on the draw, on the reload, every time we change positions.
  • The goal is not to fire a quick shot! The goal is to fire an accurate shot - as quickly as possible.
  • Missing the first shot is extremely harmful. Not only in the time wasted, but in throwing-off your whole game plan for the stage. It’s very important to consistently make that first shot. Practice that!
  • The High Ready Position: At face level, there should be a visual reference to the target. Your goal is to see a point of the gun, in reference to the target, long before you reach the full extended position. This ensures that you are moving the gun towards the target with purpose, in a precise direction.
  • You aim to avoid cutting across the target as you enter it. You want the sights to extend into your point of aim, and not move across the target from the bottom or top. This will enable you a faster, consistent shot.
  • The front of the gun does not go down – the back comes up. And the gun lines up as you extend out.
  • To achieve this rotation, it’s important that your wrists be loose. If you are too tight, you will not be able to roll the gun in your hand as is needed.
  • Every time the gun goes towards the target, it should move through this point of high ready. This will ensure you are able to find the dot, or align the sights quickly